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About the Principal

Dr R.S. Budhal


SACE –  South African Council for Educators.

HPCSA – Health Professional Council of South Africa-Educational Psychologist    

EPASSA – Educational Psychologist Association of South Africa.


  • D.Ed ( Psy. Ed) Unisa  - 1999;  
  • M.Ed ( Psy. Ed) Unisa  - 1993; 
  • M.ED ( Counselling) Unisa - 2007;  
  • M.Ed.( Ed Management) Unisa - 2001
  • B.Ed (Guidance and Counselling) Unisa - 1989; 
  • B.A. (Hons- Psy) UDW   1985; 
  • B.Paed ( UDW)  - 1983
  • PGDE ( Ed. Management ) Unisa;  2000
  • Advanced Dip. ( Hearing Aids Acoustics: Univ. Pretoria); 2014
  • Cert. Mental Health (FDA) -2008;  
  • Basic course in pharmacology for psychologists: 2015
  • S.A.C. Dip. Drug, Solvent & Alcohol abuse Counselling - 2009 ( Stonebridge).
  • S.A.C. Dip. (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) – 2009 (Stonebridge).

Commence teaching at Shallcross Primary in 1982. Also taught at Lotus Primary . Was promoted to HOD in 1997 . In 1998 promoted as principal to Cliffdale Primary . Transferred as Principal to Rose Heights Primary in 2001. Registered educational psychologist with the HPCSA. Carried out research on numerous topics related to child and adolescent development as well as on topics in educational management. Has 39 years of experience in the field of education of which 24 years is that of a principal. 

During his tenure as principal he helped to motivate educators both extrinsically and intrinsically through his style of management. As an instructional leader and school manager, he integrated Total Quality Management (TQM) as part of his managerial style and this has helped to boost the morale of educators and subsequently helped to contribute richly towards the promotion of a strong culture of teaching and learning at the school. Has received numerous awards for effective school management. Served as the chairperson of Arena Park Secondary SGB and chairperson of the Chatsworth Branch of NATU.

Represented the Coastal Cluster at National Teaching Awards and was placed second at the provincial level. Assisted numerous colleagues with post graduate studies. Regards himself as a life long learner and is continually updating his knowledge on educational matters by reading widely.

Has published 5 five books that are used internationally to substantiate and validate emerging research in the field of educational psychology and education management.

Conducted capacity building workshops for staff members. Topics for the workshops were prioritized according to the needs of the educators. Also helped to empower educators who came from previously disadvantaged Education Departments in aspects of classroom management and administration.

Has also contributed to newspaper articles on educational matters. One of his interests , is the identification and treatment of learners with barriers to learning. This interest saw him obtaining a qualification in Neuro-biofeedback which he uses to treat learners with ADD/ADHD problems.

Published two articles in South African Journal of Education and Spectrum (Journal for Science and Technology). Also designed one of the first scales in South Africa for the measurement of aggression among Junior primary learners.                                     

Plays a major role in guiding educators adapt to changes and transformations taking place in education. Has helped to ensure the transformation of the school’s curriculum by taking care of the diverse social, cultural and educational needs (White Paper 6) of the learners. Has been regularly complimented by the parent community for leadership excellence as the school excelled in both curricular and extra-curricular activities.

Received letter of gratitude from Minister of Education (Kadar Asmal) for his contribution to policies on effective school management 


  1. Instructional leadership of the school principal: Its impact on the culture of teaching and Learning.
  2. Development of interest in mathematics among secondary school learners: A psycho-educational perspective.
  3. The socially isolated adolescent learner : causal factors and treatment strategies.
  4. Aggression : manifestation and measurement in Junior Primary Learners.
  5. The socially isolated primary school learner: causal factors and treatment strategies.       


· Developed a social responsibility programmes within the school. This involves raising funds for community based welfare organizations such as the Hospice , St Mary’s orphanage and HIV centre; Association for the Disabled; Diabetes Association and feeding scheme for the Welbedacht Area.

· Offers his services as a psychologist on a voluntary basis to the indigent community and disadvantaged learners from neighbouring schools.

· Has spent many hours volunteering his services counselling the youth that are inflicted with social evils such as drug addiction, gangsterism and delinquent behaviours.